Kendy Flooring's Warranty

This warranty only applies to the installation of your new floor provided by Kendy Flooring’s Installers. This warranty does NOT cover any peculiar product problems such as: product defects, misprints, cuts, scratches, dents, color shades, designs, grains, textures, or pre-damaged products. Please read your product’s manufacturer’s warranty to address peculiar product problems. Only the original purchaser of the installation can use this warranty. This warranty is non-transferable. New ownership of the residence will immediately eliminate this warranty.

Length Of Warranty:

This warranty is valid for a full year (I do think 1 year is kinda long; maybe 6 months?) after the date of installation. If any warranty services were to occur, it will NOT extend the original installation’s warranty length.

What Is Covered:

Kendy Flooring promises to provide quality service for your new floor. If any problems were to occur from an improper installation, Vichathep Flooring will arrive to repair the problem. Some problems might need extra flooring material to repair the issue. Upon the day of repairing your floor, if the store is out of material that matches your specific floor, ordering extra flooring material will be required to repair the floor. Kendy Flooring will cover any needed purchases of extra product to repair your floor only if the needed product is listed as the same price rate or lower than the original purchase. This is why we recommend keeping any extra leftover product material for if such problems were to occur.


  • Fixing seam gaps
  • Re-stretching carpet (It’s completely natural and common for a carpet to “grow and loosen” throughout the warm seasons.)
  • Repairing transitions


  • Fixing seam gaps
  • Wood buckling; air bubbles
  • Repairing transitions


  • Fixing hollow bonds underneath the tile
  • Fixing loose and cracked grout
  • Repairing transitions

What Is Not Covered:

  • Peculiar product defects of any kind are NOT covered with this warranty. Product defects should be covered by your manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Hardwood is natural, therefore it will adapt to its environment’s temperature and humidity. Hardwood can expand and shrink throughout the seasons and will cause temporary minor gaps in between woods. This is completely natural and common and is not covered by this warranty. Be patient with your hardwood to adapt back to normal throughout the year.
  • Damage caused by sunlight exposure (color changing and shading)
  • Damage caused by improper maintenance and care (pets, furniture moving, cuts, scratches, dents)
  • Damage caused by moisture (cupping, bulking, swelling)
  • Damage caused by natural disasters (fires, floods, earthquakes, storms, tornadoes, etc)
  • Any lost valuables. We ask you place all valuables in seperate rooms or lock them away from the are we will be working in.

How To Maintain This Warranty:

Follow the given “How to Prepare for Installation” instructions. Follow the given post-installation maintenance and care instructions, Follow your manufacturer’s given maintenance instructions.

  • Vacuum, sweep, and dust often
  • Immediately remove and clean off spilled liquids
  • Use only the recommended cleaners from your manufacturer
  • Prevent and train pets from damaging your floor
  • Avoid moving heavy furniture by dragging; purchase the proper sliders to move furniture on specific floors
  • Try to keep the house temperature at a steady range between 60-80 degrees

What Completely Eliminates This Warranty:

  • New ownership of house
  • If laminate or wood is not settled in room of installation 2 days prior; more natural wood may need to settle longer in house to acclimate (i.e. bamboo)
  • If another installer works on floor

The customer and installer will walk through the new floor once the installation is complete. If the customer is satisfied with their new floor and does not notice any problems, then they will receive this warranty. After leaving the job site, any problems unrelated to the new floor is not the installers’ responsibility (damages near the work are; cabinets, walls, etc). Pictures will be taken and kept of the new floor. If future problems on the floor are called to be fixed but are not shown in the past pictures, then this warranty will not cover said problems.

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We have been providing quality flooring in Memphis and the Mid-South for over 20 years. We are a family owned company ran by the father and son duo, Kendy and Kody. Kendy started his flooring career back in the year 1999 training with a friend after moving to Memphis. After one year, he began his own adventure and has been helping families get their dream floors ever since. We take pride in providing quality service to all of our customers, while getting the job done for a more reasonable rate than all of our competition. We achieve this by not contracting out the work like many of our competitors do. We hope to provide you a quality installation and service that you can count on for the years to come.

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