Need New Laminate Floors?

Read This Before You Buy Laminate!

Laminate Floors are perfect if you want the look and feel of wood in your house, but want to save some money. They are constructed of fiberboards that cover up a photo underneath a clear plastic protective layer. High quality laminate floors can resist scratching and won’t discolor from direct sunlight, unlike many wood products. These floors can be very durable and are perfect for someone wanting the beauty of wood without breaking the budget.

Pros of Laminate Floors

  • Durable, scratch resistant, dent resistant, and stain resistant.
  • Affordable wood-like solution.
  • Many different styles, can mimic nearly any wood floor you can find.

Cons of Laminate Floors

  • Repetitive patterns can sometime cause them to look less like real wood. 
  • Not as durable as natural wood and cannot be refinished.

Purchase and Installation Costs

Average Material Cost Average Installation Cost Total Costs
Other Companies
Vichathep Flooring

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How We Keep Our Installation Costs Low?

Unlike other local flooring companies, Vichathep Flooring has low overhead costs compared to our competitors. All of our work is directly taken care of by our company, which means you won’t pay an extra $500-$1,000+ to a contractor for them to send over a subcontractor to do all the work. We also use a local showroom instead of owning our own, which saves us money as well as you. This means more money for your next flooring project without breaking your budget.

Why Call Kendy Flooring?

We have over 20 years of experience in the flooring industry and are certain we can help you find the perfect floor for your home while keeping the project on budget. We spend the necessary time with each of our homeowners to make sure each project is a success for both parties involved. We would love to hear more about your next project, so call us at (901) 545-5955 or send us a message on our contact us page.

Need Help Finding the Best Floors to Buy?

Kendy Flooring recommends ProSource Wholesale of Memphis, a local company who offers the best industry products at an affordable rate. The best way to get product information from them is visiting their showroom floor and letting them know Kendy Flooring sent you. All of our customers save on outrageous delivery fees other companies charge because we deliver the materials from warehouse to your door the morning of installation at no additional cost.

How to Keep Your Project on Budget

Setting a budget and sticking to it is important for your next project. We work with different budgets everyday and you’d be amazed at how easy it is to go over budget when you aren’t working with the best. Other companies contract out the measuring as well as the installation to subcontractors, which if it isn’t done right, can cause you many issues. From not having enough flooring at the end of the project, to underestimating the actual costs of the job, many problems can arise. Our team does all the work themselves and is very thorough when it comes to giving you an estimate on your next project. We pass along savings to you and make sure every measurement is right, so that each job is done on time and on budget.

Want to Know What Other Flooring Companies Are Charging?

Kendy spent many years taking contract work from one of the bigger home stores, and we can say without a doubt that those big box stores are overcharging everyone. We wrote a quick article explaining how much you can save when working with us instead of the big brand stores and where those extra costs can come from. Check out that article here.

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About Kendy Flooring

We have been providing quality flooring in Memphis and the Mid-South for over 20 years. We are a family owned company ran by the father and son duo, Kendy and Kody. Kendy started his flooring career back in the year 1999 training with a friend after moving to Memphis. After one year, he began his own adventure and has been helping families get their dream floors ever since. We take pride in providing quality service to all of our customers, while getting the job done for a more reasonable rate than all of our competition. We achieve this by not contracting out the work like many of our competitors do. Let us provide you a quality installation and a better experience than our competition.

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