Frequently Asked Questions

What type of floor should I buy?

You should always choose the floors that you would like the most, however it is important to consider how long you will live there, how much you can spend, and how soon it needs to happen. We suggest starting out by measuring your floors so you can get a labor and material estimate. Check out our do-it-yourself estimate guide if you need help getting started.

do you service my area?

We are located in Memphis, TN, but serve most of the mid-south. We have no problem driving 50 miles away to do work and frequently service customers in Tennessee, Arkansas, and Mississippi. Call us today if you are interested in having us come to you.

How long will it take to install the new flooring?

Most small jobs (1-3 rooms) will only take a single day. For larger jobs or tile jobs, you can expect at least two days if not more. During our estimate, we will be able to give you a better idea depending on project size.

what do i need to do with my furniture?

We ask that all furniture be moved out of the rooms ahead of time. We can move larger objects such as beds, tables, couches, etc., for a small fee, however, we request that all smaller objects definitely be moved before our arrival if possible.

Do you offer any discounts?

We sometimes offer promotional discounts through our website, social media, and emails. We also have a new floors with a friend deal where if you and a friend both get new floors at the same time, you both get 5% off labor costs. Those who served in the Military will receive 10% off, but cannot combine it with any other offer.

Do you offer in house financing?

As of now we do not offer financing through us as means of a third party, but we do expect to add that practice to our business very soon. If you are in need of financing floors now, give us a call at (901)545-5955 to see what we can do.

is your business a flooring store?

Kendy Flooring does not directly or indirectly sell flooring materials to the consumer. For flooring materials, we recommend ProSource Wholesale of Memphis. When you let them know that Kendy sent you, we are able to provide free delivery of the materials.

Commercial Flooring

How big of a project can your business take on.

In our current stage we can work businesses with small to mid sized businesses. We have worked on many large office spaces, churches, and other projects. From creation to renovation we’ve got you covered.

Are there business discounts compared to residential pricing?

Depending on the size of work, we do offer deals to our business clients who are flooring at a larger scale level than average retail. Call us to find out about discounts for your business at (901)545-5955.